Low-cost payments in 180+ countries

With access to the fairest fx rates possible, you'll save big on every cross-border payment – available in 40+ currencies.

Deliver payments faster, track in real-time

Payments are received faster than international wire transfers and with real-time tracking, you'll watch it arrive safely.

Safe, secure, and fully regulated

Enjoy hassle-free, easy to use cross-border tools, with highest standards in security and regulatory status in multiple regions.

A platform built for global payments

Getting started is easy, simply transfer funds from your bank or card into your Paygrid account, and make payments from your account balance.

Your recipient doesn't need a Paygrid account to receive payments – but if they have one, funds are received instantly and for free.

Paying your freelancers shouldn't be so expensive or take so much time. With Paygrid, freelancer payments are easy, arrive faster, and cost less than PayPal, wire transfers or card payments.

Start production, receive services or shipments of stock sooner with payments received by your suppliers up to 75% faster. See your profit margins grow and your costs shrink with fx rates that compare to the mid-market rate.

Pay recurring invoices or run payroll with the best possible fx rates using the batch payments tool. It's simple to set up, just add or upload a file with the beneficiaries, frequency, amounts and currencies – and make multiple payments in one go.

The smart way to manage global payments

Honest fx rates

With Paygrid, you get access to mid-market fx rates. In other words, you get rates that compare to what a bank would pay – you get the best rates possible with no hidden fees.

Direct, fast and efficient

By connecting directly to a network of payment partners around the world you skip middlemen, get faster processing times and avoid unnecessary fees.

Global coverage

Wallet funds to 40 different currencies and send payments to 180 countries. We’re expanding to new countries and adding new currencies all the time.

Track your payment’s status

Just like tracking a courier package in transit, get notified with your payment's status, how long it's taking to process and when the funds have been received by the recipient.


Protect your funds in transit

Paygrid works closely with financial regulators and maintains the highest security standards to protect your data – and your organisation.

Licensed and Compliant

Licensed and Compliant Fully licensed and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

End-to-end encryption

Communication between Paygrid infrastructure and financial institutions are transmitted over encrypted tunnels. This means that all your data, and money, is secure.


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