Access 40+ currencies

Hold and convert between multiple currencies. We’re expanding to new countries and currencies all the time.

Low exchange rates

With Paygrid, you get access to mid-market fx rates. In other words, you get the best rates possible with no hidden fees.

Manage fx risk

Strategically hold and convert funds – you're in control. Manage your exposure against inevitable fx market risk.

Trade fx quickly and confidently – the more you trade, the less you pay

Paygrid offers currency exchange at wholesale comparable rates via our web application or API integration. All orders for conversions are performed instantly, and securely from a network of liquidity providers from around the globe.

If you trade FX in large volumes, you'll qualify for even better rates with volume discounts. The discounts are divided into tiers depending on the volume you trade each month – get in touch to find out how much you can save.

Easy to use, convenient to setup

Transfer funds between balances and convert currencies in seconds – open accounts online and without leaving your desk.

Simple multi-currency management

Easily manage and convert the currencies you need for your global payments or retain funds to hedge against volatile fx markets.

Decide when to trade FX

Control, when disbursements paid to you are converted and avoid unfavourable providers, rates, and fx market conditions.

Support when you need it

Our multilingual team is here to support every transaction you make – by phone, email, and chat.


Convert FX Securely

Paygrid works closely with financial regulators and maintains the highest security standards to protect your data – and your organisation.

Licensed and Compliant

Licensed and Compliant Fully licensed and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

End-to-end encryption

Communication between Paygrid infrastructure and financial institutions are transmitted over encrypted tunnels. This means that all your data, and money, is secure.


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Hold and manage 40+ currencies

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Trade fx quickly and confidently

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